The band started as an independent, underground project when they first performed in October 2006 at FishFabrique club, St. Petersburg. They only had 3 songs at the time. None of the band members had any musical background whatsoever. Shortly after, the band was handpicked by both leading entertainment magazines published in Russia (Afisha and TimeOut) as one of the country's most promising bands. At the beginning of the year 2007, the girls released the promo EP and their songs started being downloaded massively. The public´s excitement got them the attention of the international press. They got their first interview on BBC Radio1 and just a few months after the band was booked to open for the Sex Pistols on their tour in St. Petersburg. In October 2008 Devotchkee Nie Hotyatt released their album of the same name which received "The Best Album 2008" award by the British Wave Awards in St. Petersburg. During the year 2009, between tours and gigs in their "homeland", the band released new songs which brought them back in the recording studio. However, on the 19th of August 2009, the girls announced their break-up.



2008 - album "Devotchkee Nie Hotyatt", Vienna, Austria (c) White Trash Production

2007 - EP "Po Klubtsam", St. Petersburg, Russia (c) White Trash Production




Metro Music Challenge 2009 

British Wave Awards  - Best Album 2008

TimeOut - New Music 2007

Yurij Morozov Sound Contest 2007






Devotchkee Nie Hotyatt  (Девочки не хотят) 

indie girls band